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The following statement regarding Lijit Networks Inc.‘s examination and collection of personal data and its treatment of this data (reproduced in italics below) was provided to by Lijit Networks Inc.

Lijit Networks Inc. is committed to privacy and to giving consumers options. Many websites work with advertising companies, like Lijit Networks, to provide consumers with ads that are as relevant and useful as possible. Some ads are delivered based on predictions that are derived from your past browsing activity on different websites. This type of advertising is often called interest based advertising, or online behavioral advertising(OBA). Lijit makes available an opt-out cookie where, once installed, we will no longer collect anonymous site visit data on that browser.  Visit or the Network Advertising Initiative to learn more about online behavioral advertising and access opt-out choices from other online advertising companies. If you want to know more about Lijit’s practices and policies, please review our Privacy Policy.

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