Apple’s CarPlay is Competing In a Crowded Car Tech Category, And Industry Analysts Take a Wait–and–See Stance

Apple Inc. last week announced CarPlay, a technology platform that more tightly integrates its iOS mobile device operating system in automobiles, boosting the number and type of iPhone apps that can be used and controlled via the auto’s in–dash display, voice commands and steering wheel buttons. It is the production version of a concept named […]

RunPee Relieves the Stress of Relieving Yourself at the Movies

This Sunday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ annual Oscars award show will celebrate movies so good you wouldn’t want to miss a moment of them. But sometimes, no matter which movie you’re watching, nature begs for your attention and miss you must — especially if you’ve just consumed the theater’s most colossal, […]

Ford Adds Stanford to Join MIT and U–Mich. in Furtherance of Autonomous Vehicles That Mimic Expert Drivers

Autonomous or self–driving cars will offer many advantages when they’re widely available, including the elimination of accidents related to human error. But as bad as some human drivers are, people still have a great cognitive advantage over the autonomous cars that have been developed to–date: Thinking as we do, people can anticipate the moves of […]

Nissan and FedEx Will U.S. Field Test the e–NV200 Electric Van, But Sales Will Be Limited to Japan and Europe

Nissan North America next month will embark on a year–long commercial field test of a new electric cargo van, the e–NV200, to determine its viability for sale in the U.S. — beginning with a trial period by FedEx Corp., which will employ the vehicle for daily delivery rounds in the Washington, D.C. area. Production of […]

CES 2014: Car Tech News Roundup

Automakers and their partners in the consumer electronics and wireless communications industries used the occasion of the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas last week to roll out a slew of new or updated high–technology features, options and prototypes. Many centered on connecting cars in novel ways to the Internet and, through it, to other […]

CES 2014: Ford Unveils C–MAX Solar Energi Concept, Decoupling a Plug–In Hybrid from the Grid

Automobiles powered by electricity or EVs — including plug–in hybrid gasoline–electric cars like the Ford C-MAX Energi and fully electric cars like the Nissan Leaf — are still a tiny fraction of the automobiles now on roads in the U.S. and around the world, and they are expected to remain such for a long time. […]

Ford Debuts Edge Concept at 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, Featuring Experimental Automated Driving Technologies

Ford Motor Co. debuted a new concept version of its Edge crossover utility vehicle (CUV) today at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, showcasing experimental automated driving technologies that the automaker says herald features coming in its future mass–produced vehicles — including a self–parking feature that can be initiated from inside or outside the vehicle, […]

infiniWing LandingZone DOCK for Apple MacBook Pro (Retina) Coming In December with Refined Design

InfiniWing, Inc., maker of the much–lauded LandingZone line of slim docking stations for Apple’s diminutive MacBook Air portable computers, is set to deliver an all–new dock in December — this one for Apple’s larger MacBook Pro portable computers. The forthcoming LandingZone DOCK for MacBook Pro with Retina display will offer many of the same features […]

Bose Launches SoundTouch Whole–Home Audio Systems

Audio–video equipment maker Bose Corp. has launched three new sound systems with a new Wi–Fi–based whole–home audio networking technology it calls SoundTouch, aiming to satisfy customers who are interested in installing multi–room audio systems without complication. In addition, beginning in December the company is planning to expand its SoundTouch offerings with a new version of […]

Review: Braun CoolTec — World’s First Men’s Electric Shaver with a Built–In Active Thermo–Electric Chiller

An electric shaver is neater to use than a razor blade and shaving foam, and the fact that its blades are hidden behind a foil may also make it less irritating to the skin than a razor. But like any powered device, shavers also generate heat — and, with repeated strokes, that heat can be […]