MochaMeet Launches To Bring Facebook Friend Groups Together In Planned Face–To–Face Social Gatherings

Even with the aid of social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter, it can be difficult to keep friendships going, especially over long distances and without the benefit of in–person get–togethers. But a startup company named MochaMeet is aiming to simplify getting together with far–flung friends anywhere in the world at any time, with […]

Lexifone Launches Real–Time and Low Cost Foreign Language Translation Service for Old–Fashioned Phone Calls

Conversation is impossible if no one speaks the same language, especially when the only means of communication is a plain old telephone. Rule out non–verbal means of communication such as gestures or drawings, and nothing remains but silence. Or more precisely, conversation was impossible with such a language barrier. This week, Israeli startup Lexifone launched […]