Review: Braun CoolTec — World’s First Men’s Electric Shaver with a Built–In Active Thermo–Electric Chiller

An electric shaver is neater to use than a razor blade and shaving foam, and the fact that its blades are hidden behind a foil may also make it less irritating to the skin than a razor. But like any powered device, shavers also generate heat — and, with repeated strokes, that heat can be […]

Review: Livescribe’s Sky Smartpen with Wi–Fi Syncing

Nearly six years ago, a startup company named Livescribe set out to transform old-fashioned pen–and–paper note–taking by appending written words with spoken words. Its then–new Pulse “smartpen” could see, hear and record both whatever was scrawled onto a page and any sounds that were audible at the same time, using a tiny camera and microphone […]